Studio Productions

Music from the Garden Studio is available for specific recording productions. Vibhas specializes in spoken voice recordings, such as guided hypnosis and meditations. He can offer original music compositions as a background or can mix down your pre-recorded music.

Here are some examples:

Diva Light

presents Etsuko Muto Aura - Soma CD: Color Meditation CD: Rainbow Color Meditation in Japanese language with music by Vibhas Kendzia.

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Krishnananda & Amana

This CD contains two 30 minute transformational guided meditations. The first, “Letting Go”, guides us into a space where there might be pain in the heart and takes us to a point of deep relaxation and surrender. The second, “Opening to Vulnerability”, guides us into a precious inner space of deep sensitivity and openness which often gets shut down by the stresses of everyday life and the hurts from the past.

Voice recording by Vibhas Kendzia. Music composed and CD produced by RajRishi / Free Floating Music.

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Guided relaxing exercise in German language:

Im Wohlfuehlen ankommen

Eine Reise in innere Gelassenheit Michael Noack with music by Vibhas Kendzia.

Diese CD ist ein Geschenk, das Sie sich selbst machen. Mit dieser CD können Sie sich Zeit für sich selbst nehmen und einfach einige entspannte und glückliche Momente Ihres Lebens genießen.

Michael Noack, Diplom Psychologe, Autor Seit 1998 selbstständiger Berater und Trainer für namhafte Unternehmen und Organisationen. Der Diplom-Psychologe leitet seit vielen Jahren Workshops zur Führungskräfteentwicklung und Mitarbeiter/innenqualifizierung. Parallel dazu hat er außerordentlich wirksame Seminare für Entspannung, Stressreduzierung und erfolgreiches Stressmanagement kreiert.

Die Musik von Vibhas Kendzia auf dieser CD ist geprägt von eindringlichen Flötenklängen und von variantenreichen, immer wieder überraschenden Klavierarrangements.

The Inner Dance

Awakening Body Energy and Connecting with the Space of the Heart by Maneesha McClure.

1 Preparation 6:56, 2 Dance Meditation 22:22, 3 Heart Meditation 13:50

Voice recording, CD mastering and production by Vibhas Kendzia, With music from Miten & Deva Premal, Prem Joshua and Vibhas Kendzia. For more information or to order this CD send email to

Yoga for Athletes II & III

Introducing Cross Training with Yoga II and III. These complete workouts are demonstrated in a beautiful Rocky Mountain setting. These routines are designed as a cross training tool to enhance performance and enjoyment of any sport, or to be used as a highly effective workout in itself. A modified variation of some of the more challenging postures is demonstrated.

Since 1976, Argie Ligeros Tang has had the opportunity to work with athletes of all levels. In doing so, she gained valuable insight as to how yoga can be used as a cross training tool. Balancing postures have also been incorporated into the Cross Training with Yoga routines. The balancing postures are innovatively linked together to teach balance in motion, which is a vital requirement of all sports.

By increasing an athlete's strength, flexibility, balance and stamina, one can improve performance, lessen the risk of injury and experience a quicker recovery in their chosen sport.

There are three Cross Training with Yoga routines and we recommend alternating the use of all three of them. This offers diversity and inspires the body's adaptable nature to be continually challenged. Each routine is a distinct workout.

The music for DVD II and III is from the CDs "Light On The Path" and "Longing" by Vibhas Kendzia.

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