Sound Resonance Tools

Vibhas & Komala

Each piece on CD is presenting a tool to work with certain energies within the Resonance Body or Aura. Some of these sonic devices are designed to invoke a clearing within our subtle bodies; others bring alignment and enhance well-being. While the Resonance Sweeps work with the entire spectrum of the Resonance Body, the other pieces are each designed to work with a specific energy station or chakra.

The Sound Resonance Tools CD has been developed to work with the Sound Resonance Analysis, a consultation developed by Komala to describe the unique energies of an individual via the reflection of a voice recording.

CD Tracks

1 Resonance Sweep Ascending,
a sonic cleansing of our subtle energy bodies, the Ascending Sweep moves from the root chakra up through the crown chakra, relates to the whole octave.
2 Somatic Alignment,
a clearing and alignment of energies blocking the first Chakra, relates to the tone of C.
3 Ocean Waves
can enhance and soothe the second or etheric body, relates to the tone of C#.
4 Dancing Water,
a clearing and soothing of the etheric field and second chakra, relates to the tone of D.
5 Rain
provides cleansing for the second or emotional body, relates to the tone of D.
6 Thunderstorm
helps washing and cleansing away dross in the etheric body and solar plexus.
7 Laughter
helps clearing stress and worries out of the Solar Plexus. It strengthens the third chakra.
8 Bird Song
helps us to relax into our heart chakra, clearing energies of the fourth body
9 Whale Song
relates to the spaciousness of the fourth body, helps aligning the heart chakra.
10 Gibberish,
a technique of speaking words without meaning, which helps us to cleanse the mental body and throat chakra to remember emptiness.
11 Wind
supports a clearing of the fifth body and throat chakra, it relates to the tone G#
12 Singing Cicada’s,
a sonic cleansing of the throat chakra and third eye, it relates to the tone A.
13 Fire,
a sonic purification through the element of fire, relates to the tone A#
14 Universal Heartbeat
reminds us of the state of oneness with the universe, a state of consciousness beyond separation, relates to the tone B.
15 Resonance Sweep Descending,
a sonic cleansing of our subtle energy bodies, the Descending Sweep moves through the crown chakra all the way down to the root chakra, this piece supports grounding and relates to the whole octave.

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